Minimalism Is Freeing Me From Restrictive Eating

For years of my life I have lived a life of excess and clutter, with the exception of my severely restrictive “diet”. In reality I was an anorexic person hiding behind the excuse and diagnosis of an autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s) and a mental illness (OCD) and some of the issues that came along with both illnesses. Currently in recovery from eating disorder and practicing minimalism, I’ve found myself in a healthier relationship with food than ever before.

I’ve just begun the process of getting situated in my new (very small) studio, but the transition has been easier than any other move before due mostly in part to my lack of excess “stuff”. I sorted through my belongings, then I sorted through them again. Seeing the look on my coworkers’ faces when I brought in bags of clothes, purses, and “stuff” for them and their teenagers encouraged me to do it with repetition. Slowly, I am reminded that almost everything is replaceable. Nothing is meant to last forever. No – thing. 

Fast forward. So these past two days have been my first full days in my new home, and I noticed almost immediately that I’ve been eating so much more regularly and my appetite has been very on track. 
With all the excess gone from my surroundings I’ve been able to focus on what I really want and need from my free time – to eat, heal, and do the things that give me joy.

Cooking has been an adjustment, yet remained simple enough that I don’t lose my appetite by the time my meal is ready. I feel good while I’m preparing my food – almost ironic in a way because this kitchen is equipped with nothing more than a microwave and a single hot plate that seems to be currently out-of-commission. But I’m making it work for now. A toaster oven and a rice-cooker will have me back to making some of my favorite meals in no time, and I think I’ll enjoy it that much more.

Lots more to share in the future on this process of minimizing and simplifying, but I noticed these changes so immediately that I had to document to share with anyone else that may be in recovery for ED and interested in minimalism. If you are currently in recovery for ED or on your own minimalist journey please leave a note or comment so I can come support you on your own blog! Thanks for reading. 

One Particular Morning / Someday


One particular morning I jumped out of bed just before the sunrise. I threw on some clothes, went outside and dropped the tailgate of my truck. Everything outside was painted steel grey, that cold blue color that happens to the entire world just between night and dawn. My dog, Dexter, was excited and confused. Were we going on a trip? Were we moving? He seemed to ask a million questions by just looking up at me with his head tilted to the side. I didn’t have any answers for him as I didn’t know, myself.

“Good boy, it’s okay.”

Filling up trash bags with clothing, blankets, odds and ends – I admit I was frantic. Who wouldn’t be after impulsively deciding to leave home? The home you’d been sharing with a s/o for the past five years? I sat on my bed and cried for a few minutes. I was a wreck. I was a wreck, but still, I got back up. I filled those bags and I threw them in the bed of my truck.

Scanning my truck, I took inventory. The chest of family heirlooms? Check. The box of family photos I had successfully avoided sorting through for years? Check. Bags and bags of… stuff? Check. So with all of that I grabbed my dog, kissed our cat goodbye, and left.

That was a little over a year ago, now. Currently, I’m curled up on my best friend’s couch with Dexter in San Luis Obispo, California. I’ve been renting a bedroom from her for the past year and I’m tentatively preparing to move into a small studio nearby. It will be available on 1st of next month if all goes as planned. So now, after all this time, I find myself finally facing all of my “stuff”. That stuff I was so eager to drag along with me. Stuff that I ultimately just piled into my closet here! I kept telling myself I’d go through it someday… on a day that I wouldn’t be so sad about it, or perhaps a day that I was in the mood. You know, someday when I had a lot of extra time. You know, the typical someday¬†bullshit we all feed ourselves from time to time.

Well, “someday” is finally here and now I’m forced to go through every photo and heirloom and endless bags of stuff. I’m hoping this move will be a chance for me to learn, grow, and change. I’ve decided to document the process to keep myself on track, encourage others, and maybe even gain a bit of cathartic release. So I guess this post will mark the start.

Do you have a someday, too? Take it from me, someday will come whether you’re ready or not.

If anyone else out there is struggling with hoarding, relocating, minimizing, etc – please drop a note or something so I can check out your process and encourage you. I also really appreciate any tips or support I can get while I’m going through this process as well. Thanks for reading.